If you just wanted one color you could just add it at the end to the mixer. Fold in the Cool Whip until evenly incorporated. I tried it today and made no changes to the recipe and it turned out not overly sweet like a lot of frostings. Hello there! I simply add 2 tsps of raspberry extract to the bowl before whipping the cream to give the frosting a hint of raspberry flavor. I have only used the Jell-o brand in this recipe but I frequently buy the store brand instant pudding for other recipes so I am assuming it would work just fine. I am hoping with the cream cheese flavored jello that it won’t be too sweet – I was originally just going to use a whipped topping but I feel the jello would help keep the rosettes in shape more. Hi Sonia. Hope the cupcakes are a hit too , Hi, I’m looking for a less sweet icing for my daughter’s smash cake, but my question would be, does this icing make just as much of a mess? I, too, would worry that they might not taste very fresh. I use white chocolate pudding typically when i make it. The consistency is perfect and it’s not too sweet (I used cheesecake flavored pudding). Maybe needs less liquid or more sugar… either way, it wasn’t for me. Best tasting icing to date! But I don’t know how to mix the different colors, to get different pinks. I usually make my cakes a few days before, wrap in double layers of plastic wrap and freeze. Hi Missy! The cupcakes with oreos sound delicious! I would say the day before. (I added about 3 to 4 Tablespoons. I’m not sure what went wrong with yours- maybe more mixing time? I made this frosting with whipped cream and lemon pudding. Blend until combined. You could use regular Whipped Cream in an absolute pinch but the heavy whipping cream will whip up better and creates a sturdier frosting. Its sounds as if a paddle was used instead of a whipping attachment if it didnt become the right consistency?? Awe, looks so pretty. The swirls are fairly easy, I suggest practicing on some parchment paper first. I can’t wait to try this. Banana Cream Pudding Mix: You will need one of the small packages of regular (not sugar free) pudding mix. Left overs can be refrigerated for at least a day or so. For the uninitiated, it's a style that combines thick vanilla pudding with whipped butter for a frosting with loads of structure and stability, plus a milky flavor reminiscent of vanilla soft-serve. On Pinterest I saw a similar recipe that calls for 2 cups of whipped cream versus 4 like your recipe. Any thoughts for a dairy free icing with a similar consistency/workability? This recipe is a HUGE hit in my house! The icing is delicious and to me that makes the cake! It wasn’t for me. Been looking for whipped icing that doesn’t color bleed at all. Mix together egg white, sugar, Jello, and vanilla.Mix with boiling water. Hi Ena! I have a situation where I have a group of friends that want to participate in making cupcakes for two special occasions being held next weekend. I’ll try it again, I loved the cheesecake jello pudding idea. That profile makes it my go-to format for any dairy-centric project, whether for cream cheese buttercream or cannoli filling, where the custard's inherent thickness can offset high-moisture ingredients like cream … A couple factors like humidity and how warm it is will affect how much time it actually takes. Whip on high for five minutes and you will get this: I’m not sure that it would hold up well enough and the fondant might end up sagging. Hi Kristen! I add color afterwards. I have not tried using vegetarian jelly before so I don’t know if it would work the same. Today is Tuesday and their party is Sunday. Mix for about one minute. One of my favorite things to bake is cake. Hi Jailene! Beat shortening and butter till creamy and smooth. I am making a birthday cake for a friend and was looking for a whipped cream frosting. That’s just as easy! Each refrigerator is a little bit different with humidity and moisture. Can i Add regular wilton food coloring? I also love that I can easily pipe designs with it. Fill pastry bag & pipe icing onto cupcakes or spread with a spatula onto a round cake. Also a good cake filling. Hi Jenny. As long as it’s not sitting near a heat vent or in the sunshine it should be okay. In stand mixer beat cream cheese until smooth and light, 1-2 minutes. Glad you enjoyed the flavor , Hi there, I’m definitely interested in trying out your recipe. Add milk, 1 Tbsp at a time until desired consistency is achieved. Haven’t heard that expression before so I don’t want to mess up the ratios. One of my favorites is chocolate cake/cupcakes with raspberry frosting and a raspberry filling. Sugar Free Jello Frosting I love that the unique taste that jello adds to anything. I didn’t want to spend more time doing one and didn’t mind if my cake showed through a little bit since it was pink. In a large mixing bowl add the quart of heavy whipping cream and Jell-O pudding dry mix. Add in vanilla, beat again. Any tips. Hope that helps! I used the Wilton 1M tip to do the swirls. To make chocolate whipped cream frosting, add 1/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder in the first step of the recipe. I always get rave reviews whenever someone tries this frosting! This is a wonderful frosting. Great for ice cream cakes. The peaks should stay up. I was hesitant since the last time I tried a different icing other than buttercream, it was awful! If you can’t find a small box of banana pudding use 1/2 cup of pudding mix from the larger box. Loved the colors. How did mix the colors to get different colors. Add vanilla & thickened pudding. . It just might take a little longer. It is delicious! For best results, put the bowl (stainless steel is the best) you will be using to make the frosting in … My friend gave me this recipe. Thanks! I’m decorating my daughter 2 tier birthday cake. I used it for piping on cupcakes. Okay, so traditional buttercream frosting isn't all that bad, but it's always nice to have other options when frosting cakes or cupcakes.When I'm making a cake or cupcake and I want to lighten things up a bit, I love making a big batch of whipped cream frosting.It's so easy and only requires a few ingredients-heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract. Frosting. I’m making 5o for my daughter’s birthday. Now separate half of your batter to a separate bowl. I know typically most stray from using whipped with fondant and almost everyone uses buttercream because it works better. That’s it! It’s definitely better than buttercream but doesn’t hold up as well as buttercream. You want stiff peaks. i live in Mexico and only in Wallmart i can get instant pudding (Great Value Brand), Hi Fanny! I let the cake sit out for a few hours and haven’t had a problem. Cassie, I’m not sure on how many cupcakes it would frost per batch. My friend who does cakes will usually make a cupcake and test things out on that. Thus, gelatin … How well does it cold color? It gives a light chocolate flavour. I am using it as a filling for a cake, I just want to make sure the chocolate flavor is strong enough and i shouldn’t use a mousse or ganache instead. So glad you enjoyed it! If that makes sense lol, This won’t dissolve like canned whip cream. Because I usually store it in the fridge it comes out really cold, and its able to be out for a while. I’m looking for an icing with similar consistency of buttercream icing without the overbearing sweetness. The amount of Jello won't change your color very much but it will change your taste, if you want just a light flavor, use just the 1 tablespoon, if you want some bang, use more. How long could the frosting be made in advance and just sit in the fridge? To add the gelatin mixture to buttercream or cream cheese frosting, simply make the frosting and whip in the gelatin at the end. The frosting usually softens but doesn’t melt off the cake. I’m not sure how many ML 1 quart is. This may sound sound silly. How much does it harden? You just mix together the first four ingredients and then gradually mix in the boiling … I’m going to have fun trying different flavors of pudding because this frosting has moved up to one of my favorites. Jello Strawberry Frosting Directions Would this work for a small wedding cake? So glad to hear your family enjoyed it! Add sugar, 1 cup at a time, making sure to combine completely. Have been using a similar recipe for years. I usually make the frosting the day before I am going to use it. I will frost cake Saturday night or Sunday. My son, who hates cream cheese frosting and buttercream, asked for more icing! Chill frosting for an hour before frosting … Yes I think it would. The buttercream on top is made from powdered sugar, butter, milk, almond flavoring and strawberry jam. How would you compare it? I frosted 28 cupcakes, but I think I could do 3 dozen with this recipe. 1/3 cup powdered sugar. I can’t wait to do this. So make it fun. For example, use 2 drops of gel in one bowl, 4 drops in the next, and 6 drops in the last one. Whisk pudding with milk in a small bowl. Fold in the Cool-Whip and mix on low speed until thoroughly combined. Cool completely before frosting. Any licensing inquiries for commercial use, publication and/or general distribution can be sent to, https://justa-frugalfoodie.blogspot.com/2012/05/welcome-back-to-fantastic-foods-friday.html, https://www.watchoutmartha.net/2012/05/martha-monday-link-up-party_13.html, https://www.facebook.com/Chocolatechocolateandmore, 1 box Jello-pick a fun color, you know you want to. So for my son’s birthday, I made this with white chocolate pudding and it was a giant success. Mix this powder into the frosting. Makes about 2 1/2 to 3 cups frosting. Combine cold water and ice cubes and add to jello mixture. Hopefully I can have my flowers look a bit cleaner for the cake this weekend, but thank you so much for sharing! I whip it in a Kitchen aid mixer and it does take a few minutes at a good speed to get it to the right consistency. Hi – I’m looking to make this as a smash cake for my daughter’s birthday. Hi Anne. I made a buttercream for my daughter’s birthday and to my dismay, lots of kids didn’t like it. Is there a reason why you didn’t use a crumb coat on your cake? Nope, no reason. This will assure your cream will whip. Add sugar, vanilla and the gelatin, and continue whipping until stiff peaks form. Look into Swiss or Italian Meringue Buttetcream. I’m sorry. On top of all that, it's super simple. Jello frosting uses a package of Jello mix, some granulated sugar, an egg white, vanilla extract, and a bit of boiling water. I usually whip it for about 5-7 minutes at medium speed. I’ll be doing my daughters smash cake and she is dairy free , Hi Leslie, I don’t have experience with making a dairy-free icing, but my friend Megan has a recipe on her blog that you could try. The addition of raspberry extract sounds delicious! Just increase the amount of gel for darker pinks. I’m looking for the same type of consistency without the extreme sweetness of the buttercream. I would recommend looking up how to do it so it doesn’t spill over the sides. I put extra frosting in piping bags and store it in the fridge and it will also firm up, so usually I leave them out at room temperature for a little bit before I use them to frost a cake or cupcakes(same as with buttercream). Mix up cake mix as directed on box, you know the routine, eggs, oil, water, whatever. If you try it and have good results, please let me know . any brand of pudding will works? I was still able to make it work. You've got your basic buttercream. Coconut Frosting Crisco. How many cupcakes would this frost. I’ve used it with homemade buttercream and it’s great when you need a medium to stiff consistency. I’ve made but just for cooler weather cakes if it’s an outside event. This is sooo easy to make AND it makes sooooooooo much!!!! Turn the mixer on high just as you add ½ cup of boiling water. What pastry tip did you use for the swirls? I am wanting to try this recipe but was wondering… Do you need to keep cake refrigerated in order for frosting to hold up? Do you use the actual beater or whip attachment for your kitchen aid? I would just do a little bit at a time and taste. The cake does need to be refrigerated because of the whipped cream. It could be stored in the fridge, but it could sag a bit. We invite you into our kitchens to share our love of all things chocolate and more (other desserts and even some healthy options). Anyone tried to make this more than a day in advance? Depending on what size cake you might want to make double to be safe. All Chocolate Chocolate and More content and images are copyright protected. How do you get different colors? We decided to make a real vanilla pudding… Absolutely gorgeous! Whisk until ice cubes are melted completely. I want her face to be nice and messy for pictures and I’m wondering if the whipped cream icing would dissolve instead of sticking to her face. You could certainly add more powdered sugar to the recipe to make it sweeter. Then you will get nice shades of different pinks. It's easy to make -- easy like 7-minute frosting. Leftover frosting … You could try an online measurement converter to convert it from cups to ML. but I also want to do some other designs other than the rosettes, will this frosting hold if I use other smaller tips? Combine pudding, milk and powdered sugar with a mixer on low. I usually am doing multiple colors, so I separate the frosting into multiple bowls and mix by hand. Hi Melissa! Works well for decorating and piping. However, this is even more true about something like frosting. Let me know if it works for you . Yes a hand mixer should work to whip the frosting. No, it is just the dry pudding mix. I made the lemon pudding first then folded it into the whipped cream and it was delicious. Hello; Just trying to figure out how much to make. Hi Fanny. We are a family that loves baking, good food, good times spent with family and friends, and exploring new places. I think it depends on how hot it is and if it’s directly in the sun. To add gelatin to whipping cream, whip the cream until soft peaks form. Many people tell me they don’t like regular buttercream because it is too sugary but this is great. Would you know how much frosting will be needed to cover a 9×13 cake and pipe the roses? https://allergyawesomeness.com/the-best-dairy-free-vanilla-frosting-gf-vegan-top-8-free/. I’ve just made up a batch to store overnight and It seems too soft. If you want colored whipped icing, do you add the color before it’s whipped or can you add it after it whipped? I love making a strawberry cake and making the cheesecake version of the whipped frosting. You make the pudding basically by the directions on the package. I was really excited to try this recipe out, however, I followed directions and it didn’t remotely firm up to even half of the consistency of buttercream. 2/3 cup granulateded sugar. Amount of powdered sugar is the same. The frosting does hold well, but it does not get to the same consistency as buttercream. I’m afraid I haven’t made cakes that far in advance. How long can it sit out at the party (hoping for a few hours). That is, combine the milk and instant pudding. can i mix it up tonight and frost a cake in the morning? Your email address will not be published. 1 (3.4 ounce) JELL-O Instant Pumpkin Spice pudding mix 1 cup sour cream 1 cup salted butter, softened 4 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract; 1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice; Cinnamon Buttercream Frosting… For a 6 inch cake I use one box of cake mix for two 6-inch pans. German Buttercream | Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community! I haven’t tried Russian piping tips before so I am not sure. Thanks for share recipe. I used Americolor gel food coloring (a mixture of deep pink & a little fuschia) for the colors. Pistachio Pudding Buttercream Frosting The Kitchen Magpie. Does it make enough to ice a two tier cake? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Use a toothpick to test for doneness. Yes, I use the whipped cream in between the layers too. Both are less sweet but delicious. Does the icing harden like buttercream icing? I haven’t done fondant details with it before, so that’s good to know. Bake for 16-18 minutes, watch them carefully, these burn easily. I don’t feel that the cupcakes or frosting will taste fresh by then. Hi Janice! It will hold up very good but not as good as buttercream icing in the heat. Not only do you get the taste from the gelatin flavor, you also get a color. NOT the gel? As in it may not hold its shape once iced on cake, but I’m used to buttercream so I’m not sure what I looking for exactly. I have used chocolate pudding to go with a chocolate cake. So I have used your recipe several times. This recipe is super easy to make, and the best part is you can change up the flavor depending on the type of Jell-O you choose. Enough for a three tier cake with frosting on each layer, top and sides of cake. To color the frosting I use Americolor gels, linked below: Hey! My only question is have you ever had trouble with the different colors of your whipped cream bleeding together? Such an easy and delicious frosting! Jello Buttercream Icing 1/2 cup vegetable shortening 1/2 cup butter, softened 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 4 cups, powdered sugar (1 pound) 2 tablespoons milk 1-3 tablespoons Jello mix Yes you could make it and keep it in the refrigerator covered and frost the cake in the morning. Add 1 ½ cups whipped topping to the mixture and whisk until combined. Best if frosted just before serving. Thank you! Delicious!!!! I think maybe if I slowly add the heavy whipping cream. More stable that plain whipped cream frosting. Hi Jenny, I am interested in trying this recipe on the weekend! They want to make this recipe and frost cupcakes on Thursday for events that are not until Sat and Sunday. Beat on medium speed until the mixture starts to get thick and gradually add the powdered sugar. How do you feel that they will hold up and taste? Hi, my questions is probably silly but I just want to clarify before I start making it. Hope that helps. When you mix pudding with the cream, first you have to prepare pudding, right? This decreases the amount of butter and sugar required. Next, gently fold in the Cool Whip nondairy whipped topping. Hi is the jell o pudding jelly crystals? I think the cheesecake Jello would go wonderfully with strawberry shortcake. I have not done smaller designs with this frosting. I’m making a big batch for cupcakes for his end of school year bbq (white chocolate and reg chocolate) so fingers crossed it gets the grade! If I’m doing multiple colors I usually separate it out into different bowls, add the gel coloring and mix with a spoon. Spread on cake, store frosted cake in the fridge. I put it on chocolate cupcakes with Oreo bottoms, so buttercream would have been just too much IMO. About a tbls per 2 cups prepared frosting. Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window). I am just wondering your opinion, do you think this frosting would go well with a strawberry shortcake? Absolutley fantastic and that is coming from a fan of traditional Hey! Do you think a hand one will work? Glad it worked for you! I want to use this for a smash cake… Can you omit the sugar or is it necessary for the consistency of the frosting? Thanks, Judy. I think she would still get nice and messy for photos. Beat at high speed for 5 minutes or until stiff peaks form. I simply start in the center and swirl counter clock-wise to make a rosette. I haven’t done chocolate pudding myself, but I think the flavor would be good for a cake filling. Yes it is instant Jell-O pudding I just added that to the recipe. Used on a chocolate Paw Patrol cake and it really worked well. The cake would need to be refrigerated until the reception, but the frosting looks great and would be pretty for a wedding cake. It is a versatile frosting without the to-sweet flavor. I order the gems on line. This is my favorite recipe for a light, whipped cream frosting which is a nice change up every so often from sugary, rich buttercream. Here’s a tip: If it is warm or muggy, put the bowl and beaters in refrigerator for at least a half hour before beating. Hello, I am curious to try this. I’d like to make it the night before and store it in the fridge until the party – will it hold overnight in the fridge? The extra liquid may make it a little soft, but you could always try a little bit at a time. Hi, Mix and bake cake as directed in 13x9x2 inch ... holes deep in top of warm cake with a ...cake while preparing topping.In a chilled bowl, ... mix and instant pudding, cold milk and vanilla ... frost cake and refrigerate. I am wondering if anyone has used chocolate pudding? Dissolve Jello in boiling water. Hi do you think I can add a flavored vodka to this frosting & it still be firm? 1 box (3.4 oz 4 1/2 serving size) instant Jell-o pudding any flavor (I usually use the cheesecake flavor) It beats up faster in the winter for me because my kitchen is cold, but takes a few minutes longer in the summer. Any leftovers should be refrigerated as well. Will this frosting melt if it’s outside for a couple of hours? See other cakes I frosted with this whipped cream frosting—> HERE and HERE, 1 quart heavy whipping cream When i have to add the color at the begining at the end? Add in pudding mix, milk and powdered sugar, beating until blended and thickened, about 2 minutes. Also, can you share approx how many minutes you beat/whip it for? I found this brilliant and oh-so-addicting idea of transforming instant I made this recipe and frosted 50 cupcakes I believe. It will still hold up great out of the fridge for quite a while as the jello stabilizes the whip cream. Not prepared pudding. Sorry I am not more help.

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