Also you can go for a mass gainer if you need to gain muscle. Mixed with whole milk, you’re going to be knocking back over 1,500 calories per shake! To learn everything you need to know about, it, take a look below. I read your comments and got some answer of questions like I have to take twice in day but still can you give me some advice bro? SERIOUS MASS™ is the ultimate in weight gain formulas. Feel free to get in touch any time you have any more questions . Have another quick look at the nutritional label, and observe the glory of the nutrients packed in this supplement. Serious Mass Gainer by Optimum Nutrition comes with 1250 calories with 50 grams of protein, 252 grams of carbs, and 25 vitamins and minerals plus Creatine and Glutamine. Sir, I am going to buy SERIOUS MASS from Amazon. I used to take 2 scoops daily one in morning and other after workout. Once again, we have Serious Mass on the left and’s Signature Whey on the right-hand side. Let’s have a look at the two dietary supplement labels again, and see if you can notice anything regarding the length of the two. I just noticed that my muscle became harder this time bcoz I also play basketball once a week. Regarding serving size, as I’ve mentioned, start with a single serving and put that up to the recommended serving when your body acclimatises to increased calorie load. A high protein diet will certainly contribute to muscle and strength gain. I like a 20 minute run etc on the treadmill on some days but in your opinion what would you feel would be the right amount to make sure I don’t get a belly! However with Serious Mass, I see the rich contents in there. Just get it down your neck and quit complaining – the results more than make up it! Optimum Nutrition is an established company in the supplement field and has been operating for years. Yes, protein is protein at the end of the day, don’t get too hung up on it. There’s a purpose to this, to gain size. Running marathons and building muscle mass are completely at odds. Sir, my age is 24, weight 53kg, height 5’6″. Been reading through the comments but I haven’t found the answers I am looking for. The scoop included is 250g – as it says on the scoop handle. Does Serious Mass or other mass gainers contain beef in it? If you’re unhappy with these changes, that’s your call at the end of the day, just stop exercising. However, the nutritional profile of Serious Mass, like all other Optimum Nutrition products, is far superior to competing brands, making it excellent value for money in my book. if you really want to supplement, protein, creatine and a decent multivitamin are all you really need, as well as a strong coffee pre-workout. And please can you advise me how to take this gainer with full precautions. Medium to intense workouts, doing weight training and leg workouts as well. Optimum Nutrition has got plenty of other flavors you’re just bound to enjoy. I train 4 times a week with full body workouts. Impossible question to answer as there are so may variables at play. I have to eat minimum 4 full meals per day to not drop below a healthy weight. Each serving checks in at 1250 calories (without milk), consisting of proteins (50g), carbohydrates (252g), and a small number of fats (4.5g), of which only 1.5g are saturated. 5 … I am 50 years with 70kg weight and I am diabetic for the last 9 years. Maltodextrin is considered a high glycemic index carbohydrate. But, back to this. Regarding a routine, anything that has you working the full-body three times per week, using heaving compound lifts, is going to yield results. Simply put – eat lots of protein and focus on compound lifts in the gym! I started gym 3 weeks ago with light weight. Do NOT replace meals, take it as a supplement to help boost daily protein and calorie consumption. I just started my protein diet and I wanted to get some advice. Is taking 1 scoop before workout an ideal one to do (I’m a lean body) along with post workout 1 scoop? Une dosette 3 fois par jour alliée à une alimentation riche et équilibré et c'est la prise de masse assurée. If you’re struggling to gain weight like I was, than hopefully this review will give you the confidence needed to give it a try. Rohan is right – focus on getting as much as you can from whole foods before supplementing with a protein shake. Two weeks is FAR too short a time to expect results. On the right, we have my personal favorite protein powder,’s Signature Whey Protein. Hi, I’m working out in gym for 6 months and recently I’m taking Nutrition Extreme Mass 6lbs, and the only weight I increase is 3kg. So I decided that gym is not my jam I should just concentrate on gaining more calories than going to gym because my routine is tough enough. And how much dose I’ll take for creatine before workout? You also expect each shake to taste … For many, the most difficult part about building mass is eating to ensure that you gain the kind of mass that you want. The effectiveness of it wasn't particularly impressive. If daily calories consumed exceed calories burnt you will put on weight, some of that will be fat and some of it will be muscle (ratio will vary depending on your exercise regime). Later I understood that it was a fake product. If I buy one, how should I take Serious Mass?? Focus on training three times per week using full-body workouts which comprise compound movements: squat, deadlift, bench, rows, overhead press, pull-ups, dips. I eat Serious Mass 3 time in a day and after exercise I take whey protein but my weight and muscle not increase. Optimum Serious Mass Max Review By: Michael S. So you have been working out for over a year now … Aim to get this from ‘real’ foods as much as possible, such as fish, meats, eggs, dairy sources, and supplement when falling short. If your goal is to bulk up, you’d be better off with a full-body routine, in which you’d train every bodypart three times per week using compound lifts, and leave four days for your muscles to repair and grow. Before coming over to the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review, let’s take an overview of this product. Hi, I already took 6 lbs protein and I gained 8 pounds, and recently I bought another 6 lbs Serious Mass gain to increase my weight. This can be fixed through proper workout routines and serving size.-It doesn’t always taste good. How should I use it for better results before it gets completed? This can be fixed through proper workout routines and serving size.-It doesn’t always taste good. Also got Whey Standard Gold which I’m taking now as I’ve come off mass gainer – been paranoid with my stomach! Sorry if that’s not that the answer you were hoping for. Will that help me gain weight and muscle at the same time? Like 1 serving of Promatrix 7 mixed with 1 scoop of Serious Mass so get 34g+25g protein & 150cal+700cal? Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass delivers a whopping 254 grams of carbohydrates per serve, 21 grams of which are sugars. Building muscle mass requires almost as much discipline as it does to burn fat. I am not sure which of them is original and how to be sure. For those who want to become bigger, stronger, and more powerful. Ultimately, if you’re consistent with your diet and training while using Serious Mass, you will almost definitely see significant results. On a side note I am starting workout, diet, mass gainer next week. To be specific, Serious Mass contains 1,250 calories per serving, and the powder is instantized to make it … I want to increase my muscle size also want to increase weight so is this Serious Mass good for me? As far as meals are concerned, stick with wholesome “real” foods: meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, olive oil, etc etc. Taken in moderation and as recommended, no, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. Maltodextrin is considered a high glycemic index carbohydrate. If you could give me advice this would be much appreciated. The calories in a mass gainer are going to exceed that of protein powder and by a lot. I didn’t get any scoop thingy with my mass gainer I just use the regular 1 tablespoon in 250ml of milk…let me know if it’s right? Plz tell any counter measure for these side effects. It's loaded with everything you need to add muscle and size and provides great value for money. I started my gym 1 yrs ago and started taking the big muscle xtreme weight gainer. Sir my weight is 72 and age 19 and I have lean body so what should I take gainer or protein?

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