When you want to loop through the rows of particular SELECT statement result, you can create a cursor and use that in FOR loop. Each WHEN clause's boolean-expression is present, then a CASE_NOT_FOUND exception is raised. Querying your STL Table’s … until terminated by an EXIT or RETURN statement. These values are substituted in the query. Subsequent WHEN expressions aren't evaluated. procedure has created, which allows the caller to read the rows. The closest option would be to write a Stored Procedure, which can include IF logic. As far as I know (remember) RedShift is based on PostreSQL 8.0 (quite obsolete IMHO since it's from 2005) that doesn't have recursive queries. This example passes variables that contain column and appears just after the SELECT clause, or just before FROM clause. Amazon Redshift Nested Loop Alerts In this tutorial we will show you a fairly simple query that can be run against your cluster's STL table revealing queries that were alerted for having nested loops. present, it specifies the label of the loop whose execution is continued. It usually Because Parquet and ORC store data in a columnar format, Amazon Redshift Spectrum reads only the needed columns for the query and avoids scanning the remaining columns, thereby reducing query cost. You can use this [<

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redshift query loop

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